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Strategic Data at the Heart of Every
Space Planning Decision

To build smarter spaces that have the potential to transform the experiences within them, Space Planners need dependable utilization data for their entire portfolio, sky to seat. Lambent Spaces is the leading software for managing space utilization, enabling planners with actionable intelligence for space planning.

We were founded with the belief that data is the key to better space management.

In 2017 under the name Armored Things, the platform focused on understanding crowd movement for safety. Then we learned something important from our customers: the data we surfaced is a critical part of long-term space planning – far beyond security measures.

In June 2022, we welcomed CEO Richard Scannell. In September, we announced our new product, Lambent Spaces – and a company rebranded to Lambent to reflect our journey to smarter spaces everywhere.

Today, we’re still the same world-class team of data scientists but we’re even more dedicated to the vision of data guiding the way to smarter space planning. It’s complex work, but it’s a simple proposition. Data shouldn’t overwhelm us. It should empower us.


Richard Scannell

Chief Executive Officer

Former EVP of Login VSI and President, CEO of RiverMeadow Software

Julie Johnson Roberts


Former VC at Qualcomm, and VP PIMCO

Chris Lord


Former Head of R&D and Chief Architect at Carbon Black


Driving Principles

Data can be utilized to achieve
operational excellence.

Oversight and insight can coexist
with personal privacy.

Our partners and integrators are
critical to our product evolution.

Smart, flexible spaces are essential to
corporate and college campuses.

Smart, flexible spaces are
essential to corporate
and college campuses.


"I've been on the journey with this innovative team since the start. The evolution to Lambent reflects a cutting-edge use of AI for space planning. We are seeing the critical nature of utilization tools in the market and the team has a significant opportunity to help corporate and higher ed campuses create the smartest spaces possible."

- Rick Grinnell

Founder and Managing Partner at Glasswing Ventures

Strategic Partners