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What is Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Optimization?

Real Estate Portfolio Strategy

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Real Estate Portfolio Strategy

What is Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Optimization?

Like a stock portfolio in equity investing, a commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio is a collection of assets
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people working in a hybrid office

Move Beyond Attendance-Taking with Wi-Fi Occupancy Analytics 

Corporate Real Estate professionals have been relying on badge data to support campus security, track peak office attendance
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Purdue University is not actually out of space, and you might not be either 

The number one topic at Tradeline's University Facilities Conference was Occupancy Analytics. Find out more.
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Students using technology on campus

Managing Campus Space in 2024: Insights from the Higher Education Round Table

Learn what the leading institutions are thinking about in terms of space planning technologies from our New England
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Corporate Office spaces with only one room used

How to identify opportunities for mothballing underutilized office space

Learn how to identify opportunities for mothballing underutilized office space.
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Office space with moving boxes in it

Mothballing in Space Management

Learn what mothballing is in office space management and its strategic importance for adapting to increasingly common hybrid
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Panel recording screenshot of Women Defining the Future of Work

Space Management Trends Hitting Higher Education and CRE alike 

Women are at the forefront of space planning decision making more than ever, defining the future of work
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Buildings overlaid with space planning tools

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Space Planning

Planning and optimizing the use of physical space is critically important. Learn how AI for Space Planning can
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aerial view of a forest with a winding road running through

Still Counting People? You May Be Missing the Forest For the Trees

Let's face it, Portfolio-level decisions require portfolio-level data and sensors won't scale to meet the data needs.
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Team discussing data and charts at a table

Beware the Codependent Occupancy Platform: The Wi-Fi marriage you never expected

Beware the bundle! Occupancy Analytics has become a critical data point for Real Estate leaders but the allure
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corporate office workers at desks

What is Occupancy Utilization?

Businesses and Real Estate leaders across the board are looking for hard data to validate the rising costs
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young woman standing in an office building

What are Workspace Utilization Metrics?

Unlock the secrets of efficient workspace management and get the answers to common questions about workspace utilization metrics
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Employees sitting at desks

A New Way to Measure the Dynamic Workplace

Employees are back - sort of. Hybrid work makes share ratios more complicated. You need a way to
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Woman looking at computer screen

What is Office Space Planning Software?

Space Planners need better tools to create the future of workplace design. Enter Office Space Planning Software.
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People at a computer with code on it

Need Reliable Space Utilization Data? Don’t Build it Yourself.

An in-house team may be able to access device data in network management tools, but it takes more
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hand drawing an office space that fades into a photo of a conference room

What is a Space Planner?

Space Planners are at the forefront of the future of work, but what exactly is it that they
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What is Occupancy Analytics?

Occupancy analytics is a data-driven approach to understanding how and when spaces are utilized.
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East Tennessee State University's main campus is 350 acres.

ETSU Takes Campus Space Planning to the Next Level

East Tennessee State University deployed Lambent Spaces for unbiased data to drive critical campus space planning decisions.
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empty modern office space

Restacking the Workplace: Maximizing ROI and Employee Well-Being

Restacking projects are often connected to new business and workplace strategies that revitalize the office environment and invigorate
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Lambent Chief Technology Officer Chris Lord examines product roadmap details with Anum Valliani, Director of Product.

Wi-Fi’s Role in Space Planning

Wireless connectivity is so common we take it for granted--so it's easy to overlook the role it can
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Two employees find informal space to meet as they return to the office

Fall 2023 Tests Return to Office Plans

Fall 2023 is shaping up as the true test of return to office plans. Workplace Experience managers and
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Data-Driven Decisions at UTK’s Campus Student Union

UTK's Alison Ward talks with Lambent Spaces Higher Education specialist Sue Bork on a Lambent-Microsoft Smart Campus Planning
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Tim Russell answers FAQs on space planning

Campus Space Planning: 4 FAQs

William & Mary Director of Space Planning Tim Russell talks about the top challenges facing university space planners
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Class of 2023 graduates want to work hybrid and enjoy an office experience.

New Graduates Want an Office Experience – And it Better be Good

The Class of 2023 is ready to work - in an office. New graduates say they value networking
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College students seated in a row eagerly await class at laptops and modern, curved table.

6 Reports Critical to Campus Space Planning

Campus Space Planning teams field requests, complaints and feedback from just about every department and official on campus.
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Two women working in a corporate office

The Power of Well-Planned Office Spaces

Office spaces play a crucial role in shaping productivity and employee well-being. While empty office spaces can detract
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Hybrid work strategies fluctuate as shown by individuals standing on various sized bar graphs.

Optimizing Hybrid Work Strategies with Smart Space Planning

Spring 2023 data shows employers are settling into their hybrid strategies, where many employees are in the office
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People working at a conference room desk

CRE Leaders Focus on Utilization Rates as No. 1 Guiding Factor

The latest CBRE research reveals utilization as the top metric Corporate Real Estate (CRE) leaders prioritize when considering
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Office employees in an open office concept.

Make Your IWMS Smarter with Occupancy Intelligence

A new study says utilization is now the top-rated metric for guiding Real Estate portfolio management. To get
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Office floor layout illustration

Flex Space Not So Simple a Request

Multi-purpose spaces are a hot topic for Space Planning teams on corporate and higher education campuses – but
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Two people at a computer screen

Space Utilization Software: Reasons to Buy (Not Build) in Higher Education

Do-it-yourself (DIY) software projects on campuses makes sense – at first glance but, as many DIY project team
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College students on campus around a table with papers.

5 Higher Ed Campus Space Planning Trends to Watch

We sat with Real Estate and Space Planning leaders on the college campus to predict the top five
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A class during a presentation

Why Higher Ed Institutions Need SaaS Space Planning Software

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are building out more types of campus spaces to differentiate their brand and outpace
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Man holding a table around sensors

What you need to know about Occupancy Sensors

As students and employees returned to buildings and offices, sensors were an obvious choice for many administrators
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Strategic Campus Planning Webinar Snapshot

Higher Education Grapples with Hybrid Work and Smart Space Planning

Three critical themes emerged from our recent Lambent webinar “Flexibility for the Future: Strategic Campus Planning” featuring Marc
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CoreNet Chicago Summit 2022

CoreNet Key Takeaways: Put People and Collaboration First

Remember when Real Estate was all about Location, Location, Location. Well, if the recent CoreNet Global North America
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an employee using a badge to get in

3 Ways Badge Data Falls Short In Space Planning

If you've ever been issued a corporate badge for building access at your college or workspace, chances are
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A trophy

Live Celebrations Are Back This Award Season

Lambent, formerly Armored Things, has received a host of accolades for innovation, facilities management, platform excellence, and contributions
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AI written on a screen

How AI Makes Space Planning Tools Smarter

The challenges posed by flexible workspaces are outpacing the space planning tools used for occupancy management
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workplace design strategy

Workspace Design Strategy

Workspace design strategy isn’t what it used to be. Hybrid work, remote work, and the increased demand for
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Armored Things Announces Product Expansion and Name Change to Lambent

Armored Things Expands Space Planning & Analytics Platform, Rebrands as Lambent

Boston, MA – September 27, 2022 – Armored Things, a leading provider of AI software for smart space
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predictive analytics written on a screen

Predictive Space Analytics For Portfolio Management

Corporate facilities leaders are focused on optimizing attendance and deciphering how to provide accommodations that employees actually need. 
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people working in an office space

The Evolution of People-Counting Technology for Space Management

There are four people sitting in a room designed to hold fifty. Does it matter? Strategic Space Planners
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People seen on a desk at their office

Quiet Quitting: The New Workplace Trend

It’s viral, it’s the latest work trend, and it’s called Quiet Quitting. It is the idea of refusing
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college student moves in with boxes

Campus Space Planning Challenges to Think About This Fall

Universities are becoming aware of the need for more space as students get ready to return to campus
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female colleagues in a discussion

6 Things To Know About The New Workplace Experience

The rules for the new workplace experience are still being written. Employers are walking a fine line as
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students using computers

Collegiate Esports Need Spaces Too!

Although a lot of parents argue that video games aren’t good for their children, it’s possible all that
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a person presents while another listens

Why Are Companies Investing In Workplace Analytics?

It’s unpredictable, unprecedented – and sometimes it can feel unmanageable. That’s the new workplace, where corporate leaders are
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people playing snooker

Five Ways Companies Are Facilitating Return To Office Plans

COVID cases have dropped, the world has reopened – and so have most office buildings – but there’s
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collage with pictures an event

Walk This Way

The Purposeful Intent “Walk this Way” event in New York City brought together leaders in corporate real estate across industries
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an image with the word internship

Want Real Experience? Work For A Startup

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first co-op or even what I wanted. As a communications
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Man holds a baby and works

Hybrid, Shybrid – And Now It’s Summer

Everyone’s heard of remote and hybrid work models, but what about the “shybrid” approach? The term “shybrid” was
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women on a zoom call

NFMT Women In Facilities Management 2022 Coverage

The May Women in FM annual (virtual) event, hosted by NFMT and sponsored by Lambent, brought together leading
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people in a office meeting

Space Planning Job Market Sizzles

In Minneapolis, Wells Fargo, Inc. wants a Space Planner who is able to review and resolve all space
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notes on a notepad

Deferred Maintenance: Costly, Risky, and Common

Deferring maintenance and repairs may appear to save corporations and organizations money in the short term, but the
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design meeting at a office

Spotlight On Higher Education Space Planning Teams

Strategic Space Planning teams in higher education are increasingly pressured to help design flexible, dynamic spaces to meet
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people working in a collaborative space

CRE Management: From The Back Office To The Front Pages

Long underserved by the technology sector and sometimes sidelined by corporate leadership, Corporate Real Estate (CRE) leaders have
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office workspace visual

6 Things Facilities Directors Will Tackle In 2022

Directors of facilities are no strangers to the many struggles and responsibilities that come with their job titles,
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people in workspace

Return To Office Means Rethinking Space Management

Corporations are facing the twofold challenge of having to reshape both physical offices and employee attitudes as they
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people in between an office presentation

A Software-First Approach To Counting People

Smart space management has elbowed its way to the top of priority lists at corporate office buildings and
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students walking around the campus

Bringing Them Back: Campus Management Focused on Risk Mitigation

Despite the surge in COVID cases over the recent months, colleges are determined to learn to coexist with the virus.
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office workspace in motion

Workspace Analytics Is Critical For Hybrid Work

Data indicates that organizations plan to continue a hybrid work model for the near term. A Mercer survey last May found
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Company Team Photo

Importance of Coming Together in Covid: Student Co-Op Review

My student co-op search was no simple one; I spent months patrolling the Northeastern University database looking for
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low angle shot of employee sitting

Space Utilization: Defining The Basics

When it comes to reopening corporate spaces, there are still many unknowns. Should I renew my prior lease?
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a graphic showing growth with people in the background

Occupancy Analytics In Higher Education

When students returned to campuses and classes this fall, many colleges and universities found themselves at opposite ends
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people at office workspace

Why DIY? Reasons to Buy or Build

CIOs and other organizational decision-makers are looking past the so-called digital sprints of 2020 and planning on transformation
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woman giving a presentation

Resilient Coders: Social Justice Through Economic Empowerment

Resilient Coders, a nonprofit coding bootcamp, strives for social justice through economic empowerment —specifically through high-tech jobs. What
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people in motion

Space Utilization: Clicker Studies vs. AI-Driven Software

At corporations and universities across the country, you can still find facility managers making space utilization decisions manually.
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people working in office with masks on

5 Questions Employees Are Asking Around Office Reopening Policies

As the effects of the COVID19 pandemic continue to be felt deep into 2021, companies are still wrestling
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architectural map

How Spatial Representation Can Bring Density Data to Life

With higher education back on campus and employees returning (slowly) to offices and corporate campuses, we can look
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colleagues hanging out

Three Considerations For Creating Flexible Architecture

Flexible architecture design allows buildings and spaces to evolve over time. As technology and the way we work
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4 Tips to Reshape the New Workplace

This summer several high-end tech companies – Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few – have pushed back
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people working in office

Real-World Crowd Intelligence Value at Your Campus or Venue

When I talk to partners and clients around the globe, I hear two common threads, whether it’s a
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picture of a podcast setup

CIO Q&A: Michael Gabriel on COVID-19 Reopen Plans

Michael Gabriel is a former EVP & CIO at HBO—you can thank him for creating and executing HBO GO—and
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low angle shot of people standing

Expert Advice on Planning a Reopen Strategy

Morgan Mosher is senior principal at T3 Advisors, the global real estate and workplace solutions company focused on technology and
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picture of students in classroom with masks on

Higher Ed Reopen Strategies: Flexing Space on Campus

Flexible, hybrid (online and in-person) learning environments. Early start dates, no holiday travel, and at-home exams. With summer
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office workspace

CIO Q&A: JLL Technologies’ Eddy Wagoner on Reopen Strategies

JLL Technologies Executive Director and Chief Digital Information Officer Edward Wagoner has a unique view of  COVID-19 reopen strategies through his
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Reopen Software: 6 Things To Know Before You Buy

Workplace distancing. Crowd density. Occupancy, vacancy, capacity.  Welcome to the new language of reopening campuses and venues around
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template for internship

Internship Advice: Why Everyone Should Work at a Startup

“Keeping people safe where they work and play” – That slogan drew me to apply for a software engineering
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Template for facility management

Facilities Management Checklist: Logistics, Density, Analytics

Before COVID-19, facilities managers were already working in two worlds, combining a nuts-and-bolts understanding of building operations with
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Image of Josh

Employee Spotlight: Josh Hartley, Chief Architect

Josh Hartley, Chief Architect at Lambent is a playful balance between fun and serious. Passionate about both programming
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