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Unlock your Campus Planning Webinar

From Chaos to Clarity – Occupancy Analytics for Space Planning

Did you know you can drive ROI from Occupancy Analytics? Tim Russell at William & Mary oversees all aspects of Space Planning – and Russell leverages his existing Wi-Fi network to see and understand occupancy patterns in an entirely new way.

Russell will be joined by Sue Bork, Director of Campus Innovation at Lambent, a SaaS company with a keen focus on Higher Education campuses. The Lambent Spaces platform is a disruptor in the Space Planning Software market, helping Higher Ed customers avoid massive sensor deployments and DIY projects. 

For anyone who touches Strategic Planning, Buildings & Maintenance, or Student Experience, this session will offer a chance to learn how to:

  • Solve hot-button space disputes with unbiased data.
  • Rely on Occupancy Analytics to reduce maintenance costs.
  • See Booked vs Actual utilization goals and understand when spaces meet utilization goals.
  • Report with confidence on Space Utilization across campus.
  • Create more flexible, multi-purpose spaces.
From Chaos to Clarity – Occupancy Analytics for Space Planning​

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No Complications, No Compromises


Our SaaS solution analyzes patterns, not people. Reporting is anonymized.


Wi-Fi device information is encrypted and anonymized on ingress by software running within a customer’s infrastructure.


Geo-redundant infrastructure and auto-scaling ensures uptime.


Leverage existing data sources such as occupancy sensors and integrate with room booking systems for deeper context.


The platform uses edge services running locally, in the cloud, or both.


See utilization trends fast when you start with Wi-Fi. Get up and running in weeks, not months.