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Guides, Papers & Reports

Lambent has developed and collected some of the industry’s best practices of campus and corporate occupancy measurement in action. As Lambent teams work with these corporations and institutions, we have created many guides, collected surveys, developed points of view and perspectives of the leading voices in this rapidly evolving field. 

These resources are available to use and share as we grow this new library of knowledge and put our product to work in the real world. 

Space Planner Study

Lambent Spaces Survey Report

Lambent conducted a survey asking senior leaders charged with redesigning offices and planning the corporate and college campuses of the future about the challenges they face.

Lambent Way

Smart Space Planning with SaaS

Map the evolution of how space utilization has been measured over time. Chart where you are in your journey and see why Lambent is leading the new way.

Three Reasons Not to Build Your Own Space Utilization Solution

3 Reasons Not to Build Your Own Space Utilization ....

There are many reasons to consider a commercial SaaS offering over one you build yourself. The reasons to go with a proven solution like Lambent Spaces ....

Seat Sharing Ratios

New Way to Measure the Dynamic Workplace

As a result of post-pandemic norms, the typical use of the workplace has shifted. As workplace leaders have reported in a 2023 CBRE study ....

Lambent Wi-Fi Data vs Badge Data

Lambent Wi-Fi Data vs Badge Data Comparison

As real estate professionals attempt to understand the true usage of their space, badge data often surfaces as a method of understanding building utilization....

UTK Case Study

University of Tennessee Knoxville Case Study

The University Of Tennessee, Knoxville is a 900-acre campus with 294 buildings occupied at a variety of levels over the course of a year....