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Introducing Lambent Spaces

Manage Spaces

Boost utilization rates with strategic insights from our dynamic space management platform.

Calculate Cost Savings Per Square Foot with Lambent Spaces

A New Way Forward

Because the whole world changed. And we're ready for it.

Privacy-protected software for anonymous spatial intelligence to guide Space Planners.

Without New Hardware

Lambent Spaces works with existing Wi-Fi to get users up and running fast to enable:

Smarter Scheduling &
Leasing Decisions

CapEx Reductions

Improved Space
Utilization Rates


A single view of
global assets

Log in to our explore feature anytime to see utilization rates across your entire corporate or college campus with a local or global view.


Continuous utilization metrics

With a few simple steps, share monthly reports to internal stakeholders for greater collaboration and informing C-suite of critical data points.

Lambent Dashboard
Utilization Report


Utilization over time

Comprehensive reporting gives you the ability to produce executive reports for all spaces in the organization. You can see utilization trends for measured spaces in easy-to-ready charts and graphic layouts. And you can add tags to further customize reports.


No more wasted

Which spaces are approaching capacity? Which ones are collecting dust? You can see all relevant utilization data daily with an easy-to-understand interface.

Cloud-Enabled Analytics

Lambent Spaces replaces manual counters and anecdotal reporting with an always-on AI system that integrates with existing Wi-Fi and occupancy sensors to provide the right resolution in the spaces that matter. Flexible deployment options include on-premises, cloud, and hybrid configurations. In many cases, no additional hardware is required.




How Lambent Spaces Works

Edge Streaming

Data is streamed from existing information and building technology such as Wi-Fi and occupancy sensors. Proprietary algorithms and machine learning operating at the edge produce anonymous spatial estimates of occupancy.

Cloud Analytics

These estimates are aggregated in the cloud where they are enriched with contextual data sources like bookings systems and processed through modeling analytics to provide intelligent utilization trends and insights.

Actionable Intelligence

The Lambent Spaces web-based applications, dashboards, and reports show actionable data such as utilization costs and patterns, and metrics to help optimize space.

Wi-Fi Quickstart

We get you to actionable data fast—without disrupting daily operations—by harnessing existing infrastructure. Once you provide your information, the Lambent Space deployment team handles the rest.

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