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Unlock Your Strategic Campus Planning Webinar

Flexibility for the Future: Strategic Campus Planning

Life on campus is evolving—and fast. Strategic planners looking to maximize the student experience need a modern approach to space utilization that enables them to create more workable, flexible space for Higher Education’s next chapter.

During this session you’ll learn how innovative campus planners are leveraging software to:

– Solve campus territory disputes

– Surface actionable utilization metrics

– Improve ESG/Sustainability efforts


Lambent Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Julie Johnson Roberts

Georgetown University’s Vice President of Auxiliary Services and Real Estate, Marc Fournier

JLL Digital’s CIO, Edward Wagoner

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No Complications, No Compromises


Our SaaS solution analyzes patterns, not people. Reporting is anonymized.


Wi-Fi device information is encrypted and anonymized on ingress by software running within a customer’s infrastructure.


Geo-redundant infrastructure and auto-scaling ensures uptime.


Leverage existing data sources such as occupancy sensors and integrate with room booking systems for deeper context.


The platform uses edge services running locally, in the cloud, or both.


See utilization trends fast when you start with Wi-Fi. Get up and running in weeks, not months.