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Manage Spaces Smarter (Wi-Fi Quickstart)


Privacy-Protected Software for Space Analytics

Lambent Spaces is a Smart Space Planning platform enabling CRE and Higher Ed leaders to meet the rapidly changing needs of the new employee and student experience. It surfaces anonymous data from Wi-Fi to reveal exactly where spaces are being under or overutilized.

Get users up and running fast to:

Product Features


Understand utilization and KPIs for your entire portfolio at-a-glance.


State-of-the-art analysis. Compare historical data to current trends to measure change impact on utilization.


Test various strategic space planning models by looking at detailed analytics for smarter space planning.


Build, share, and automate customized reports showing utilization and cost implications.

How Lambent Spaces Works

Edge Streaming

Data is streamed from existing information and building technology such as Wi-Fi and occupancy sensors.

Cloud Analytics

These estimates are aggregated in the cloud where they are enriched with contextual data sources.

Actionable Intelligence

The Lambent Spaces web-based applications, dashboards, and reports show actionable data.

Wi-Fi Quick Start

We get you to actionable data fast—without disrupting daily operations—by harnessing existing infrastructure. Once you provide your information, the Lambent Space deployment team handles the rest.

1 - 2 DAYS

Gather Information

Pull together your Wi-Fi Network provider, WAP maps, CAD floor maps, and building names to jump-start your deployment.

8 - 10 WEEKS

Ingest, Validate, Integrate Data

We begin right away to integrate via APIs, calibrate your instance and zones, and validate the data. All the while, our platform is capturing data and learning about your space utilization trends. Third-party platforms such as reservations systems can be integrated at this time.

2 - 4 HOURS


You don’t need to hire a data scientist to use the Lambent Spaces platform but we’ll show you the ropes and support your journey to power user.

Up And Running Before Sensors Arrive

Up And Running Before Sensors Arrive

6 - 8 WEEKS


6 - 9 Months


Sensors Only Where You Need Them

Sensors don’t scale. But they don’t have to when you deploy Wi-Fi first across your portfolio and use sensors to dial-in occupancy granularity where it counts. Lambent Spaces gives you building, floor, and zone transparency, enhanced by strategic sensor deployment, without the time, cost, and manual installation required to use sensors at scale.